IST Industrial Summit Technology

Product Line

Tubes and Films

Special Materials for Office-Automation and Precision Devices

I.S.T. technologies play a pivotal role in today’s rapidly advancing development in office-automation and electronic devices.

I.S.T. pioneered the soft roller which is the heart of every photocopier. The use of the three layer soft roller whose surface is treated with a fluoropolymer yields high-speed, high-performance copying. I.S.T.’s polyimide toner-fixing seamless tube has lead to a 90% energy reduction in laser printers and is now the worldwide standard.

In addition to these innovative products I.S.T. produces a number of precision parts, such as, large laminated belts for printing and imaging industries. I.S.T. is working on the development of other advanced products including a film heater which will be essential in streamlining office automation equipment leading to a revolution in the industry.

Fields of Application